Maruti Footwear Berlin Flipflops Pixel in Mint

£16.95 £54.95
Flipflops from Maruti, model 'Berlin Flipflops Pixel' . The 2.7 cm thick outsole is flexible, elastic and made of rubber. Its profile provides sufficient grip. Besides, this shoe has a round nose and it is a low model. Next, the Berlin Flipflops Pixel is provided with a stylish pixel print which gives it its rugged look. The outside of this model is made of hairon leather and comes in the color orange. In addition is the insole made out of suede and the shoe's facing is completely made out of leather. Lastly, the insole of the shoe is not removeable. The 'Berlin Flipflops Pixel' has a normal fitting and has a standard G-foot width.

Fitting is true to size
Material Leather, suede and synthetic

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