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Men's Society Time With The In-Laws Survival Kit

£7.95 £25

In Laws. It's high stake stuff. Do they like you? Will they ever like you? Do they like you too much? It's all just so stressful. Relax, this Time with the In Laws Survival Kit by Men's Society is at the rescue. Just use the chill pill, have a calming bath and apply some stress relieving temple rub. You can survive it, you will survive it and with a little spritz of the forgive and forget pillow spray, you soon wont even remember it.

  • Relaxing Bath Oil with essential oils
  • Forgive & Forget pillow spray
  • Chill pill
  • Stress temple rub
  • Ear plugs
  • Packaged in a tin
  • Made in small batches in London
H 14cm x W 10cm x D 3.5cm

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