Mishky Breathe Bracelet


Mishky Breathe Bracelet

Adjustable slider bracelet.

Materials: Japanese Beads, polyester thread, gold plated logo

Measurements: Beaded area width 0.8" (2 cm) Length 5.1" (13 cm)

Mishky’s has thrived by constantly responding to its global customers’ demands and providing unique seasonal collections with innovative beading, weaving, and metalwork design with a characteristic Latin flair.  The meticulous work and love invested in each of our products is what sets Mishky jewellery apart. In our pursuit for innovation, Mishky launched a new collaborative effort program that engages talented Colombian designers in the creation of some of our new product lines.

 Some of the most commonly used materials in our products include:

  • Gold and silver plated zamak alloys (with an electrically bonded coat for a long lasting, nickel-free finish)
  • Japanese and Czech glass beads
  • Italian threads
  • Greek leather


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