Plum & Ashby

Plum & Ashby Lime & Ginger Diffuser


Plum & Ashby Lime & Ginger Diffusers are ideal to add a constant fragrance to your home.
Made in England with a base of sustainably sourced oils. Made with 120ml of the finest blended fragrance oils, Plum & Ashby room diffusers can last more than 3 months. Beautifully packaged in a white, vintage inspired numbered box complete with 10 reeds. Our diffusers will also make the perfect gift for friends and family.

The Fragrance: Bright and welcoming, the ideal scented diffuser to have lighting a hallway or living room. A zesty, spicy fragrance that will never get boring and bring a smile to your face.

Top Tips
Place your reed diffuser in spaces you always want smelling lovely, but where you aren’t able to keep an eye on a candle.
To get the best from your diffuser, place near the door or in a hallway. This will allow the fragrance to disperse with air circulation. Meaning you will enjoy divine wafts when you enter and leave a room.
For a subtle fragrance, use fewer reeds in the diffuser.
For a fuller fragrance, flip the reeds. Either every other day or week, flip a few reeds or all of them to allow the fragrance to fill the reeds again. But just remember, that the more you flip them, the faster the fragrance oil will run out.

Size: 120ml, 4.2 fl oz

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