Samantha Holmes Alpaca Fur Sliders

Samantha Holmes Alpaca Fur Sliders

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Delight someone with these beautiful alpaca fur slippers. Small UK 3-4, Medium UK 5-6 and Large UK 7-8. Beautifully made by our skilled artisans in Peru using Alpaca fur for the tops, merino lambskin for the upper sole and soft natural suede for the under sole, with a fine beading of cotton twill around the outer edge. Whisper light, supersoft luxury for your feet.

The Alpaca fur used in Samantha Holmes products is ethically sourced from herd wastage.

There is a tradition in Peru which has developed as a result of the death of weaker and very young Alpaca in the harsh Andean Winters. Alpaca roam freely in their natural terrain on the Altiplano of the Andes where temperatures can plummet in the Winter. The fur Samantha Holmes sources is from Alpacas which have died of natural causes.

The farmers do not kill their alpacas for their skins because it is not financially viable for them to do so. Alpacas can live for 20 years, promising a lifetime of shearing potential of far greater value than a single pelt.

The best way to clean these slippers is with Dry Shampoo Spray – brands like Battista work well. Simply spray the shampoo onto the alpaca fur and lambskin, rub it deep in. Leave for a couple of minutes, then brush out with a stiff wire brush, ideally the sort you by in pet shops.